Scarf Tying Guide: Evening Styles

A colorful silk scarf adds a dramatic touch to evening wear, and need not be worn only around the neck. Here are some ideas to inspire you to wear your scarf with panache!

1. Off the shoulder

Easy to wear and a great way to show off the design of your scarf.

Fold your scarf into a triangle, wrap it around yourself just below your shoulders and tie the two corners in a square knot.

Scarf Tying Guide: Evening Styles - Off the shoulder

2. The Bolero

A very dramatic look with a sleeveless dress, especially with a colorful or boldly patterned scarf!

Fold your scarf in half, with the 'right side' inside. Tie the two sets of corners together in very tiny square knots, then turn the scarf inside out so that the 'right side' is on the outside (and the knotted corners are inside). Slip your arms through the two 'armholes' and arrange the scarf across your shoulders with the knots under your arms.

Scarf Tying Guide: Evening Styles - The Bolero