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Gift Wrapping with Scarves

Make the gift wrap part of the present! The Japanese have been wrapping gifts in fabric squares (called furoshiki) for centuries, and the idea suits modern environmentally conscious attitudes - nothing gets thrown away!

Unwrapping a present wrapped in a scarf is especially pleasurable as not only do you discover what the present is, you also see the design of the scarf in its entirety. Once unwrapped, the scarf easily reverts to use as a fashion accessory (perhaps with the help of a quick iron). This is a great way to add some lasting value to a present destined for quick consumption, such as a bottle of wine or a box of chocolates.

1. Gift wrapping a box

Easy and much prettier than using paper and sticky tape! If the contents of the box are fairly light, the knot can be used as a carrying handle for the gift.

Place the box in the centre of the scarf so that each side of the box faces a corner of the scarf (see diagram). Fold two opposite corners of the scarf over the box, one over the other. Then fold the remaining two corners of the scarf over the box and tie together in a square knot.

Scarf Tying Guide: More Ideas - Gift wrapping a box

2. Gift wrapping a bottle

A great way to add an extra special touch to a bottle-shaped gift - from an anniversary bottle of champagne to a humble bottle of wine.

Place the bottle in the centre of the scarf, then bring two opposite corners together and tie them over the top of the bottle in a square knot. Take the two remaining corners and carefully cross them over each other as you wrap them around the body of the bottle - you may need to scrunch them up or fold them inwards on themselves in order to make this look neat. Bring both corners together at the front of the bottle and tie in a square knot.

Scarf Tying Guide: More Ideas - Gift wrapping a bottle